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Yuman music

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Yuman music

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Native American/First Nation music:
Chicken scratch Ghost Dance
Hip hop Native American flute
Peyote song Powwow
Tribal sounds
Arapaho Blackfoot
Dene Innu
Inuit Iroquois
Kiowa Navajo
Omaha Kwakiutl
Pueblo (Hopi, Zuni) Seminole
Sioux (Lakota, Dakota) Yuman
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The Yuman are a tribe of Native Americans from what is now Southern California. Folk songs in Yuma culture are said to be given to a person while dreaming. Many individuals who are in emotional distress go to a secluded area for a few weeks, there to receive new songs (Herzog, pp. 1-6, cited in Nettl, p. 152).


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Further reading

  • Densmore, Francis (2005). Yuman & Yaqui Music. Scholarly Press. ISBN 0403037379.

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