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2 Tone (or Two Tone) is a style of music created by fusing elements of punk rock and ska. The sound was pioneered in the late 1970s by English bands such as The Specials, The Selecter, The Beat and Madness. Many of these bands were signed to 2 Tone Records, Stiff Records and Go Feet Records and were based around the West Midlands area in the UK.

The term 2 Tone was coined by Jerry Dammers of the Specials from Coventry and summed up the West Midlands scene at that time.

The name that Dammers chose for his label had two meanings: It referred both to the black-and-white suits favored by ska-loving "rude boys", and it symbolized solidarity between blacks and whites at a time when racial tensions among the British working class were at an all-time high.

Dammers had long had a dream of starting his own label, similar to Motown, that The Specials could release their own records on. With the assistance of The Specials' bassist, Horace Panter, he composed some artwork that was soon to become central to the 2 Tone world, and in fact feature as the label on all their releases. The logo was based on an early album cover picture of Peter Tosh (which itself was inspired by a photograph of The Impressions), and with the signature black and white checks dropped in for good measure, Walt Jabsco was born.

The label also released two albums by legendary Jamaican trombonist Rico Rodriguez (who had appeared on first two albums by The Specials).

Complete list of 2 Tone acts

The Apollinaires
The Beat (aka The English Beat in the U.S.)
The Bodysnatchers
Elvis Costello & The Attractions (for one unreleased single (CHS TT7) only)
The Friday Club
The Higsons
JB's Allstars
The Selecter
The Special AKA
The Specials
The Swinging Cats
Bad Manners

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