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Twee pop

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Twee pop
Stylistic origins: Bubblegum pop, Punk rock, New wave, Indie rock, 1960's Girl groups
Cultural origins: mid 1980s, United Kingdom
Typical instruments: Guitar - Bass - Drums
Mainstream popularity: Largely underground, with some acts gainig a cult following.
Regional scenes
England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland
Other topics
Timeline of alternative rock

Twee pop is a type of indie pop that is known for simple, sweet melodies and lyrics, often with jangling guitars and a noted emphasis on childlike naivete. The genre began in 1986, when New Musical Express released C86, a compilation of bands including the Pastels and Primal Scream.

The 1970s-1980s Post-Punk Band The Television Personalities are often cited as a major influence on the genre, along with Buzzcocks and The Ramones. This was more evident in the more punk influenced bands, like Shonen Knife.

In the United Kingdom, where twee pop was most popular, Sarah Records was home to most of the bands in the field, including Heavenly and the Orchids. In the United States, the movement was championed by K Records out of Olympia, Washington and was headed by the band Beat Happening.

Although 'twee pop' is a widely accepted term for this style of music it did not come into use until the 1990s. In the 1980s 'twee' bands were simply described to as 'indie' or 'shambling'.

Although Belle & Sebastian have been described as a twee pop band, this is a description the band have rejected.

"Twee", a baby-talk alteration of "sweet", is an English term for something that is overly sweet or knowingly cute.

A more punk-influenced, North American variant of twee pop is also sometimes referred to as cuddlecore and is exemplified by bands such as Cub and Go Sailor.

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