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Tribal house

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Tribal House
Stylistic origins: House music, Funky house
Cultural origins: 1990s, South America, Africa, Spain
Typical instruments: Synthesizer - Drum machine - Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler
Mainstream popularity: Medium
Acid - Chicago - Deep - Garage - Microhouse - Progressive - Dream - Amsterdam - Amyl - Gabber - French - Happy - Hard - Italo - Latin - Minimal - NY - Oriental - Pumpin' - UK Hard - US Hard - Vocal

Tribal house is a form of electronic dance music derived from house music but being highly drum-centric and often without a core melody.

In many tribal house tracks, it is rare to find a core melody or prolonged synth sound, such as those found in techno music and similar electronic music styles. Instead, tribal house tracks rely on sophisticated drum patterns for their rhythm. A track can consist of several different drum sounds.

There is no clear-cut definition of tribal house music, instead tracks are usually classified or perceived as tribal because of their 'live' sound. Tribal house is reminiscent of the ethnic music of various tribes of Africa and South America, and it is not unusual for this music to feature chanting and ululation as acappellas. Tribal music can be produced with either live (ie. with real drums and instruments) or digital instrumentation: however, live-produced music of this sort in the purest sense is seen as 'ethnic', while digital tribal music is called 'tribal house'.

Tribal house is a fusion of various styles of EDM. It is an extension of the 'funky house' genre, and is usually uplifting and cheerful (see Latin House and African House). It can sometimes distort the boundaries between 'dark house', which is an offshoot of 'progressive house', and 'tech-house', a more techno-like, yet jazzy kind of house, as if mixing IDM and minimal techno. Tribal music can be produced in such a way that it absorbs the characteristics of all styles of house music.

Proponents of this genre

Some artists and disc jockeys that support this type of music include: Sander Kleinenberg, Del Horno, Superchumbo, DJ Tarkan, Rick Pier 'O Neil, Eric Entrena, DJ Kramer, D-Formation, Marcelo Castelli, Dave Seaman, Alex Santer, Ralphi Rosario, Saeed Younan, Palash, Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez, DJ Vibe, Antoine Clamaran, Frank Bailey, Robbie Rivera, Simon & Shaker, Peace Division.

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