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Thrashcore (or thrash) is a fast and raw brand of hardcore punk music. Thrashcore saw its beginnings after the decline of punk rock in the early 1980s. Hardcore punk began to take off in places like Washington, D.C. and California. Early bands categorized as thrash, such as Minor Threat,edit( minor threat was never catogarized as thrash but many of the new york bands at the time were) played faster hardcore punk and they distinguished themselves from other hardcore punk bands such as Black Flag. Some bands incorporated elements of thrash metal. These bands are often categorized as crossover thrash. Many of the most influential crossover thrash bands started out as influental thrashcore bands. Thrashcore as a genre ties in heavily to hardcore, grindcore, power violence, crust, and other subgenres of punk rock. Today thrashcore is mostly a definition for ultra-fast hardcore punk.

625 Thrashcore, Havoc, Hardcore Holocaust, Ebullition, Crimes Against Humanity, Slap-a-Ham, Unfun Records and other labels have been known to put out thrashcore records.

The speed and intensity classification of Hardcore Punk goes like this:

Hardcore Punk (fast)--> Thrashcore (faster)--> Grindcore (fastest)

Thrashcore bands

Hardcore punk | Hardcore punk genres
Christian hardcore - Crust punk - D-beat - Funkcore - Grindcore - Mathcore - Melodic hardcore - Power violence - Ska punk - Skate punk - Straight edge - Thrashcore - Youth crew
Derivative forms: Emo - Math rock - Post-hardcore
Regional scenes: Australia

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