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Third-wave of ska

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Third-wave of ska

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The third-wave of ska is a musical genre derived from the fusion of Jamaican ska and various American styles of music, such as: rock, punk rock, hardcore, and jazz. Ska punk and skacore are major sub-genres, which together comprise a majority of third-wave ska music.


Originating in America during the late 1980s, and gaining popularity throughout the early 1990s, the third-wave of ska is the latest incarnation of ska music to date. During the height of its popularity, some third-wave bands enjoyed major commercial success, including regular radio play and outstanding album sales. However, this success proved short-lived as metalcore and third wave emo scenes gained popularity and superseded the upbeat spirit of ska music.

Third-wave ska lost much of its popularity at the turn of the millennium. Currently, it stands as a faded genre, holding the interest of a relatively small, though loyal, fanbase.


Third-wave ska artists such as Sublime , Jesse James and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were influenced by two-tone ska revivalists from the early 1980s such as The Specials, Fishbone, and The Toasters. Third-wave music features the use of horns and a heavily accented offbeat, a common characteristic of the second wave of ska. The Third-wave lead to bands such as Five Iron Frenzy and The O.C. Supertones

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