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Terrorcore is a term used to describe a subgenre of hardcore techno. Compared to other hardcore styles like breakcore, which uses the influence of breakbeat, and speedcore, which concentrates on exceedingly high beats per minute, terrorcore is a difficult term to define as each listener has a different definition of what terror is. Terrorcore employs the use of "scary" samples, synthesised sounds to give the tunes their "terror" edge, hip-hop/punk vocal samples, heavily distorted guitar samples, very high pitched high hats/toms and very distored bass drums set to their maximum on the bass channels. Also terrorcore can utilize both sped-up drum and bass samples and four-to-the-floor drum patterns similar to speedcore, frequently with tunes switching between both styles and then dropping with both simultaneously. The "beat" being dropped is common in this style and when a beat is dropped a vocal sample or melody is usually inserted.

Terrorcore has been used to describe:

  • Tracks between 120 to 500 beats per minute.
  • Tracks with varying numbers of layers to their sound. ie, a simple construction of bassline and ambient sounds versus tracks that use many sound sources, all often played at the same time (a "busy" track).
  • Tracks will often contain heavy guitar samples from metal bands or from films, mainly horror or death, and other such "dark" media sources.
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