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Tech house is a fusion of house and techno music.


Although it uses the same basic structure as house, elements of the house 'sound' such as realistic jazz sounds (in deephouse) and booming kick drums are replaced with elements from techno such as shorter, deeper, darker and often distorted kicks, smaller, quicker hi-hats, noisier snares and more synthetic or acid sounding synth lines.

A key feature of Tech-house is often a detailed, harsh, extremely low-pitched and intricately-designed bassline, often dubbed by fans of this genre as a 'farting' bassline.

The well known tech-house producer, Jean F. Cochois, also known as The Timewriter, has often used jazzy, soulful vocals and elements, and equally as much raw electronic sounds in his music. However, a rich techno-like kick and bassline seems to be a consistency amongst tech-house music.


Main exponents of the genre include Mr C, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Gideon, Nathan Coles, Nils Hess, Asad Rizvi, Layo and Bushwacka, Morgan Page, Jean F. Cochois aka The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown, Lee Burridge and Craig Richards.

Other exceptional artists that draw elements of tech-house into their work include James Holden, Luke Chable, Infusion and Alex Stealthy.

Some noteworthy DJ's who play tech house sets are, Carl Cox and Donald Glaude.

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