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Defining characteristics of synthpunk (also known as synth-punk) bands include
  • being founded at the same time (late 1970s) and place (California) as many US punk bands,
  • performing with those same punk bands, in those same punk clubs, with records released on those same punk labels,
  • preferring electronic instruments such as organs and synthesizers over guitars.

No band called itself a synthpunk band at the time. Synthpunk as a descriptive term may have multiple points of origin, but one point of origin is the band Occupant. However, the synthpunk musical style likely started with Suicide.

The Screamers, with their Gary Panter logo, are the best-known synthpunk band. Others include Nervous Gender and The Units.

Modern day synthpunk bands include: The Phantom Limbs, The Sixteens, Secret Society of the Sonic Six, Black Ice, The Epoxies, Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes, The Cadavers, Hott Beat, The Skabs, Shy Child, The Network, among other bands.

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