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Streetpunk, street punk (also known as reality punk) is both a subgenre of punk rock and a word that describes punk rockers who are working class and/or from the inner city. Their appearance includes items such as studded customized leather jackets, jeans, bondage trousers, bullet belts, studded belts, spiked or mohawk hairstyles (often dyed), and piercings. The musical genre streetpunk is favoured by skinheads, punks and Herberts.

Streetpunk Music

The street punk music genre started as the Oi! music scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s in Great Britain. Musical influencs include the original wave of punk bands, as well as late '70s British pub rock and glam. It was seen as a reaction against middle and upper class punk bands like Generation X, and trendy people who embraced the punk lifestyle in a superficial way. It was developed by bands such as Cock Sparrer, The Business,4-Skins and The Cockney Rejects. It started as a youth music style with songs about tales of the street, police brutality, working class politics and drunk mayhem, and gradually was intertwined with UK 82 and other punk subgenres as time went on. Streetpunk bands of the mid '80s include Exploited, Abrasive Wheels, and Attak.

Although street punk and Oi! sometimes have similar music, street punk bands today are generally less identified with Oi-like pride or football themes, and more identified with themes condemning society, rejecting authority, or drinking. Today street punk bands can be found all over the world.

Street punk bands are often at odds with more liberal, "pop-punk" elements of the punk community. A song by Chicago pop-punk band Screeching Weasel, entitled Tightrope, takes aim at the "resurgence of tough-guy, so-called working class or street punk bands". Little Rich Working Class Oi-Boy by The Queers is another song which criticizes those in the Street Punk and Oi! segments of the punk scene.

Streetpunk Bands

The following list of musicians and bands are identified with the streetpunk subculture, but not all of them label themselves as Oi! or streetpunk bands.

A Global Threat
Abrasive Wheels
The Analogs
Blitz (band)
Career Soldiers
The Casualties
Cheap Sex
Clit 45
Cock Sparrer
The Cockney Rejects
The Devotchkas
Dropkick Murphys
Lower Class Brats
Nuts and Bolts
The Scarred
Swingin' Utters
The Unseen
USA Waste
The Varukers
The Virus

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