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Skate punk (also known as Skatepunk, Skate-punk, Sk8 Punk, Skate-thrash, or Skate-core) was originally a derivative of hardcore punk, so named because of its popularity among skateboarders.



Skate punk bands used a similar aggression as hardcore, but with different musical topics. At the time, of the emergence of this genre, skateboarding was still seen as an outcast activity (similar to that of surfing, from which skateboarding has its origins). Many bands used that 'outcast' feeling, of being a skater, and thus the stereotypes that came with that, as fuel for their music. Often, bands like JFA would talk about their problems with police, or 'preps', and the harsh treatment they received from them, in their songs and albums.

Many bands of the "Nardcore" music scene from Oxnard, California—such as Dr. Know, Agression, Scared Straight, Ill Repute, and NOFX—are extensions of this genre. Despite coverage in Thrasher Magazine, this style of punk differs from thrash. The legendary 1970s skateboarder Duane Peters grew into skate punk via skateboarding, forming two skate punk bands: U.S. Bombs and later The Hunns (also known as Duane Peters and the Hunns, die Hunns). Other bands associated with skateboarding are Suicidal Tendencies, Minor Threat, Against All Authority, Lagwagon, Glue Gun, Millencolin, No Use For A Name, Plow United and popular Japanese band HI-Standard.


In the 1980s, music by hardcore punk bands such as Black Flag and the Circle Jerks were very popular among skateboarders. Some bands, like JFA and Big Boys, are considered by many as two of the first 'skate punk' bands. They were skateboarders that also played in punk bands and used their passion for skateboarding in the context of many of their songs. Other examples of this are Free Beer and Los Olvidados. Many of these bands were regularly covered in Thrasher, a skateboarding magazine that also helped develop the skate punk scene. Thrasher released many skate videos, featuring the music of these bands on the soundtrack.

The movement of Skate punk reached an all time high in the 1990's with the formation of the VANS Warped Tour, whose first tour featured Ska/punk legends Sublime and all girl rock band L7. The 1997 Warped Tour featured performances by bands classifiable as skate punk, such as the reunited Descendents, Lagwagon, The Suicide Machines, Pennywise, Face to Face, Millencolin, and The Bouncing Souls.


Skate punk can also describe the fashion created by earlier skateboarders. The clothes worn by "skate punks" includes thrift store clothing or anything that openly rejects mainstream sweatshop labor clothing. A skate punk's attire will be strewn with holes and rips due to the hazards of skating itself.

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