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Ska jazz

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Ska jazz is a musical form derived by combining the melodic content of jazz with the rhythmical and harmonic content of ska. It is considered to be a subgenre of third wave ska, but lacks much of the punk rock feel associated with third wave ska.


While lacking the size of a standard jazz band, ska jazz bands contain a rhythm secion consisting of electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drum set, as well as a brass section comprised of any combination of the following: trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone. Occasionally, there may be included one or more vocalists, but the genre is primarilly focussed on instrumental tunes.


Most ska jazz tunes are instrumental, thus the brass cary the melody with occasional improvised solos. The rhythm secion places accents on the off beats, thus giving the music a more upbeat and Reggae-ish feel than traditional jazz.


  • the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble
  • the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  • the St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review

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