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Sevillanas is a type of folk music, sung and written in Seville (Andalusia). Historically, they are a derivative of Castilian folk music, spiced with a bit of Arabic rhythm. Technically, they are an evolution from Castilian seguidillas, they have a relatively limited musical pattern, but rich lyrics, based on country side life, virgins, towns, neighbourhoods, pilgrimage and, of course, love themes. They are sung by a plethora of local groups, like Los Romeros de la Puebla, Los de Gines, Las corraleras de Utrera, Cantores de Hispalis, and Los del Rio. Every year, dozens of new sevillana discs are published.

Sevillanas can be heard in southern Spain, mainly, in fairs and festivals, including the famous Seville Fair, La Feria de Sevilla. There is an associated dance for the music: "Baile por sevillanas", consisting in four different parts. One can find schools teaching "baile por sevillanas" in nearly every town in Spain.

Generally speaking, sevillanas are very light and happy music.

Sevillanas are not a part of flamenco, though it may be confused with it.


Sevillana is a popular flamenco dance from Seville. Its rhythm is 3/4 or better 6/8.

Sevillana does not come from Seville. It is an old folk dance, appearing always during the feasts, danced by couples of all ages and sexes, and usually danced by whole families and 'pueblos'. The choreography of Sevillana is stable, and knowing it is very useful, since it is a fiesta dance. This is why learning flamenco usually starts with this particular dance. Each sevillana is composed by 4 parts, each part divided in 3 'coplas', and each copla is made of 6 mouvements.

It is a very vivid dance, often excluded from flamenco. Paradoxically, during spectacles and shows it is usually Sevillana that people take for 'the real, true flamenco', as it is full of turns, flaunting and colorful skirts and in general- of joy.

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