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Schranz is the name given to European (especially German) hard techno, a style of techno typically around 140-150 BPM and based around massively bass-heavy kick drums, driving percussion and distorted, looping synth noises. The term originated in 1994 when Frankfurt-based DJ Chris Liebing used it to describe a certain type of techno in a record store he ran; it has no particular meaning in any language. There are speculations, however, that it was meant as a contraction of the to german verbs schreien (scream) and tanzen (dance), i.e. "scrance".

Other important producers in the genre beside Chris Liebing are DJ Amok, DJ Rush, Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind, Arkus P, Gayle San, Cari Lekebusch, Andreas Kremer, Adam Beyer, Tom Hades, Pet Duo, Felix Kroecher, Tomash Gee, Mario Ranieri, Patrik Skoog, Dr. Robotron and Mr. Mechanical Noyze and Robert Natus

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