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Sadcore is a subgenre of alternative rock that developed from the downbeat melodies and slower tempos of late 1980s indie rock.

Sadcore is a loose definition and does not describe a specific movement or scene. Many artists that have acquired the tag might better be classified as alternative country or as singer/songwriters. The term “sadcore” is a soft parody of hardcore and is sometimes used interchangeably with slowcore.

Sadcore is best characterised by the bleak themes of its lyrics, slow tempos and minor-key melodies. Individual tracks range from minimal acoustic outings to complex studio numbers with pronounced elements of dissonance in later compositions.

Early exponents like the Red House Painters, and American Music Club drew on the nihilism, loneliness and isolation found in the lyrics of The Cure and The Smiths. This trend continues. Currently, the leading exponents of Sadcore are female singer-songwriters such as Cat Power and Shannon Wright.

Categoricists might also consider Death Cab for Cutie's early (pre-Transatlanticism) albums as slowcore/sadcore.

List of sadcore artists

American Music Club
Arab Strap
Cat Power
Julie Doiron
Lambchop (band)
Red House Painters
Elliott Smith

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