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Rave music

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Rave music

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Type of illegal party
Free party / Squat Party Teknival
Freetekno Sound system
Music Played at the Parties
Also see Rave music
breakcore - free tekno - gabba - jungle - psychedelic trance - speedcore - terrorcore -
acid techno and techno

Rave music consists of forms of electronic music for dancing that are associated with the rave scene. Most often, it is used to describe music that depends heavily on samples and is high energy.

Rave music got its start in Belgium in the early 1980s, and continued on to Britain later in the decade. Rave music closely followed the acid house phenomenon. Initially "rave music" was considered a particular style that was a combination of fast breakbeat and more hardcore forms of techno. Early 1990s efforts by Nebula 2, Brainstorm Crew, The Prodigy (The Prodigy Experience), Utah Saints and The Shamen (En-Tact) were quintessential "rave music".

By the early 2000s, the term was used more generically to mean any one of a number of different styles (or combinations thereof) that might be played at a rave party. In this sense, rave music is more associated with an event than a particular genre, per se. At a rave there can be different "arenas" or areas which play different styles of rave music. Very large raves called massives may include ten or more separate arenas, each with their own music style.

Raver styles of music continue to grow and evolve. Some genres and an iconic artist include (not an exhaustive list):

Non-dance styles which might be heard in a rave "chill-out" room include:

Some ravers are selective between genres, showing little or no interest in one area while finding great satisfaction and joy in another. House often has roots in funk and disco while trance has its roots in new age and symphonic music. Many DJs mix genres, remix existing sounds, or leave electronic music entirely.

A new form of rave is appearing based on the genre "Makina" mainly produced in Spain but also in Italy, Germany and France, it has exploded in the North East of England with many clubs and all night raves.

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