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Raggacore is a genre of music resembling a faster version of jungle, or breakcore with ragga or reggae style basslines and vocals.

Some artists that have produced raggacore tracks include Knifehandchop, General Malice, Bong-Ra, DJ Scud, Zombieflesheater, Enduser, Venetian Snares, Shitmat, DJ K, Red Ruler, Kid 606 and Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth.

Noteworthy Releases

  • Snares Man (aka Venetian Snares) - Breakbeat Malaria
  • Shitmat - Killababylonkutz
  • FFF - Junglist/Murder
  • Aaron Spectre - Evil Most Foul
  • Enduser - Bounty Drilla
  • Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth - Kill or Be Killed
  • Zombieflesheater - Dead By Dread and "s/t 7inch"
  • VA - "Speedhall" and "Speedhall - the rewind"

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