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Pumpin' house is a subgenre of House music. Developed in the late 90's and related to French house, it also often samples disco, rock, jazz, and/or funk loops (sometimes creating dense layered textures) and usually makes extensive use of filters, but gains its appellation from its heavy use of audio level compression, which makes tracks surge and pulse -- important to create physicality in dance music. It is characterized by intense, up-front drum programming, heavy funk influence, and very emphasized basslines, often sampled from live players.

Pumpin' house ranges from the very loopy (2-beat loops being the shortest) la Joey Beltram, to the almost songlike (8 bar patterns usually being the longest, though these can alternate from section to section, providing momentum through a track) la Conga Squad. It is characterized by its unusual balance of intensity and funk, and the better examples are generally well tolerated even by audiences outside the electronic music scene, probably due to their heavy reliance on dance musics of past decades. Vocal and instrumental tracks are equally common -- vocal tracks often have a "diva" edge and instrumental tracks can be very melodic and dense.

Pumpin house covers the subgenres known as disco house (post-1997) and hard disco house.

Famous producers include Olav Basoski (Holland), Grant Nelson (UK), and Monkey Bars (US). Typical BPM range is 127-133.

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