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Piedmont blues

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Piedmont blues

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The Piedmont blues is a type of blues music characterized by a unique fingerpicking method on the guitar in which a regular, alternating-thumb bass pattern supports a melody using treble strings. The Piedmont blues typically refers to a greater area than Piedmont, which refers to the East Coast of the United States from about Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia. Piedmont blues musicians come from this area, as well as Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Prominent musicians of the type include:

Pink Anderson
Scrapper Blackwell
Blind Blake
Bumble Bee Slim
Reverend Gary Davis
Blind Boy Fuller
"Mississippi" John Hurt
Skip James
Lonnie Johnson
Furry Lewis
Mance Lipscomb
Brownie McGhee
Blind Willie McTell
Sonny Terry
Curley Weaver

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