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New Flamenco ("Nuevo Flamenco") is the name for a Flamenco music style, which is influenced by many different modern musical genres. The most notable of these are: Rumba, Salsa, Pop, Rock and Jazz music.

History of New Flamenco

This Flamenco fusion style has its roots in the 1980s, when many younger flamenco artists were influenced by other musical genres from around the world.

The most important early pioneers of New Flamenco are the guitarist Paco de Lucía and singer Camarón de la Isla. Between 1968 and 1979 they enjoyed a fruitful collaboration which produced 10 albums, of which many introduced fresh musical concepts into the traditional and somewhat 'dusty' music style that flamenco had become. After their collaboration Paco de Lucía went on to develop flamenco music into many different directions, even back into the direction of the Moorish music origins of traditional flamenco music.

New Flamenco Artists

The group Ketama has a salsa derived New Flamenco style and has become one of the most important New Flamenco groups from Spain.

Saxophonist Jorge Pardo, pianist Chano Dominguez and guitarist Gerardo Nuñez are all Jazz inspired New Flamenco musicians, and can be called acknowledged flamenceros.

More multi-faceted artists, such as singers Pata Negra, Alejandro Sanz, Diego El Cigala and guitarists Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and Luis Villegas have fused flamenco with such diverse styles as latin jazz, rock, pop, blues and son.

Outside of Spain, one of the most famous New Flamenco groups is the French group Gipsy Kings, which developed traditional "Rumba Flamenca" into a popular New Flamenco style. Also from France, Louis Winsberg founded the group Jaleo, which takes Flamenco fusion even one step further, introducing elements from arabic, indian and african music traditions.

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