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The swastika, the symbol of Nazism. The swastika, the symbol of Nazism.

Nazi punk is the term given to believers of nationalism, fascism, racialism, and/or national socialism, and also claim to be a part of the punk subculture.



The history of this faction within the punk subculture dates back as early as 1978, with an organization from England known as the Punk Front. This group was a youth division of the racialist organziation, The British National Front. Although the group only lasted one year, it was successful in recruiting numerous English punks, as well as forming a number of racist punk bands.

The Nazi Skinhead subculture took over as the leaders of the White Power music movement following the demise of the Punk Front in 1979. However, Nazi-punkism started sparking up world-wide soon after. It eventually hit America by the early 1980s, during the rise of the American hardcore punk scene.

Although the numbers of Nazi punks have always been small within the subculture, it should be noted that they have always existed.

Countries with notable amounts of Nazi punks include: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Chile, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Lithuania and the United States.

Nazi punk music

Musically, Nazi Punk is similar to most other forms of punk music. Lyrically, their songs reflect hatred for the present governments world-wide as well as for minority groups such as: Jews, Blacks, Mestizos and Homosexuals. Nazi punk bands have been found in several genres of Punk, including Oi! Punk, Streetpunk, and Hardcore Punk.

White Power Skinheads have also been known to play music that is similar to punk in style. However, they don't claim to be part of the punk subculture and therefore are not considered Nazi punks. Their music is part of a separate genre called Rock Against Communism.

Nazi punk bands

Arma Blanca
ChaoSS Hellas
The Dirty White Punks
Ethnic Cleansing
Fight For Freedom
Final Blow 88
Forward Area
The Fuck-Ups*
Midgårds Söner
Ódio Mortal
Phase One
The Raw Boys
Warfare 88
White Pride

* There are several bands under the same name that have no association with extremist politics.

Nazi punk style

Usually known to have liberty spikes or mohawk haircuts and wear typical clothing associated with the majority of the punk subculture (leather jackets, boots, spikes, chains, etc.). Nazi punks tend to incorporate Nazi regalia into their appearance, however some prefer not make it as obvious in order to avoid persecution from anti-racist individuals who make up the majority of the modern day punk scene.


  • In the early days of the subculture (1976-77 era) it was not uncommon to see punks that wore swastikas purely as a shock statement, having no belief in Nazism or Racialism whatsoever. Some of the most famous people being Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten. These such individuals are not confused for Nazi punks in the past or contemporary scene.
  • The Dead Kennedys have a song titled "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" featured on the bands 1981 release, In God We Trust, Inc.
  • An attentive viewer can see a Nazi punk in the background during parts of the concert scene in the 1998 film American History X, though most audiences overlook it.
  • People commonly wrongly label White Power Skinheads "Nazi punks".
  • The infamous British RAC band Skrewdriver started off as a '77 era apolitical Punk band.
  • Other names for Nazi Punks include: "White Power Punks" (or "WP Punks"), "National Socialist Punks" (or "NS Punks"), and "Hate Punks".
  • "Punk's Not Red!" is a popular slogan among many Nazi Punks. It is a pun on the expression originally phrased by the popular Punk band The Exploited, "Punk's Not Dead!". It basically means Punk is not Communist, as some allege it is.

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