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Native American hip hop

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Native American hip hop

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Native American hip hop is popular among Native Americans in the United States and the First Nations of Canada. Native American rappers began performing in the 1980s and '90s, drawing on influences like John Trudell's spoken word poetry. Litefoot, Without Rezervation, and Robby Bee & the Boyz From the Rez are the most well-known Native American hip hop musicians [1].

Other recent groups, like Tha Tribe who use elements of powwow music in their recordings [2], and War Party, a Canadian crew that became the first native performers to host Rap City [3]. War Party is one of a number of Canadian groups to gain some chart success, including Tru Rez Crew and Slangblossom [4].


Other rappers

Dead Indians
Marcus Quese Frejo
MC Big Flav
Professor Griff



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