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National Socialist black metal

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National Socialist black metal (also known as 'Nazi black metal' or 'NSBM') is a Neo-Nazi subgenre of black metal music concerned with ideas of racial separatism and Aryanism. It is more of a scene than a musical sub-genre, as bands are often on the same underground labels with one another, and Oi! and other punk-related bands with similar persuations are often associated in the same way as well. It is sometimes considered to have started with the work of Burzum. However, because there is no direct reference to National Socialism in Burzum's early Black Metal compositions, this claim can be, and often is contested. While Nationalism (or at least National Romanticism) has been an influence in black metal from early on, NSBM adds a focus on advocating National Socialism as an alternative to modern liberal society. However, while Nazi Germany was never overtly oppossed to Christianity, NSBM continues the black metal tradition of opposition to all of Judeo-Christianity, while placing more emphasis on Anti-Semitism. Artists in the NSBM scene typically argue that not only Judaism but also Christianity is a major cause for the perceived present troubles of modern Europeans, or "Aryans" according to Nazi ideology, which distinguishes them from many other Neo-Nazis. As an alternative to Christianity, most NSBM bands have advocated variations of pagan beliefs and traditions, with the most common alternatives being Ásatrú and Odinism. It should be noted that among black metal listeners, interest in Paganism is not restricted to those involved with NSBM. Environmentalism (see Walter Darre for a greater understanding of the connection) and Julius Evola's teachings of Traditionalism are also recurring themes.

Argument often arises on whether NSBM ought to be considered a distinct black metal sub-genre to begin with. Many NSBM bands play the same styles as other black metal bands that do not share the ideology. The musical differences (if any) are often trivial, or overlap with other metal-subgenres like Viking Metal. Still, it has become a substantiated and useful label, as many interested in the genre would either like to avoid bands with National Socialist tendencies, or consciously seek them out. Some black metal fans indeed have questioned the lyrical themes used heavily within NSBM as irrelevant to the musical genre altogether, as they advocate a 'positive' outlook (of sorts) where it concerns ones' own race and creed - Having pride in anything hardly falls in line with the extreme nihilist tendencies of the genre and the music.


NSBM and other Forms of White Power Music

Somewhat recently, the NSBM and Rock Against Communism (RAC) scenes have been uniting, as NSBM is increasingly being sold at RAC and other White Power music outlets, and NSBM bands such as Gestapo SS and Bannerwar have covered RAC and Hatecore songs on their NSBM releases. Additionally, NSBM bands are beginning to perform alongside of RAC bands.

NSBM seems to have more appeal to fans of Black Metal who do not hold National Socialist beliefs as compared with RAC, which more rarely can count fans among those who do not favor Neo-Nazi politics.

NSBM and the broader black metal scene

Most black metal bands do not share this ideology, and the actual NSBM bands represent a very small scene of extremely underground bands throughout Europe and America. In fact, the only two NSBM bands that are known as crucial black metal bands are Burzum and Graveland, only the former of which being one of black metal's best known acts. Darkthrone are said to be a NS band mainly from the fact that Norsk Arisk Black Metal (Norwegian Aryan Black Metal) was written in the back of their album Transylvanian Hunger. Later on they denounced that and now they maintain an apolitical thesis as a band.

Burzum is also related to the legendary history of black metal, as the band's only member, Varg Vikernes, killed his former friend and bandmate Euronymous, in a string of events well documented. The motives were believed to have been related to a record deal dispute, as well as Euronymous having associated with and befriended the Israeli death metal band Salem, to whom Varg Vikernes attempted to send a mail bomb.

Some black metal bands, although unrelated to NSBM, have some mostly meaningless references to Nazi Germany, used mainly for shock value, a tradition which traces back at least to punk bands like the Sex Pistols. This has caused some black metal bands to inaccurately be labeled as NSBM when they are not. A good example of this was the Czech band Amon, which from 1995 to 1999 was called Amon Goeth in order to distinguish themselves from other bands called Amon. [1]

Notable bands

Ad Hominem
Aryan Terrorism
Gontyna Kry
Grand Belial's Key
Impaled Nazarene
I Shalt Become
Legion of Doom
Lord Wind
Thor's Hammer
Winter Funeral

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