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Moshcore is a style of metalcore, derived from hardcore featuring guitar-based instrumentation, basic chord progressions, aggressive 4/4 rhythms and assertive vocals. It is also known as Tough Guy Hardcore. Distortion is usually introduced into the guitar sounds, which can create a heavy metal effect that further sets moshcore apart from punk rock. Moshcore is created and played mostly for mosh dancing in a "mosh pit", which can be a violent activity involving high impact body contact (and some physical risk). The style emerged during the late 1990s in Germany and the northeastern United States. It is stylistically different from the punk subgenre of "Hardcore", and is generally "heavier" than punk hardcore, but often employs a much "friendlier" and much less abrasive musical style than other Hardcore subgenres, like Crust.

Moshcore was influenced by the late 80's hardcore scene in New York. Bands such as Sick of It All, Judge, Leeway and Madball are examples. Moshcore's references to violence along with an evolution away from its hardcore roots has caused some controversy and backlash in many DIY hardcore communities. Examples can be heard in songs such as "Get the Kid With the Sideburns" by Reversal Of Man and "V.R.S. (Victory Records Sucks)" by Good Clean Fun.

The most famous moshcore band is Hatebreed who, having appeared on the soundtracks for Hollywood movies (XXX and The Punisher) have achieved some mainstream acceptance. Their vocalist Jamey Jasta has hosted MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.

Moshcore is considered as the simplest expression of metalcore, with songs averaging around one or two minutes in length and written in a tradition closer to 1980s hardcore with traditional elements such as mosh breakdowns and singalongs, but the guitars have a more metallic edge. Lyrics tend to be focused on personal issues such as self-determination, mental strength, unity (within the hardcore and metalcore scene) and sometimes straight edge, a tradition which has been continued from older hardcore bands.

Notable bands

Bury Your Dead
Earth Crisis
Most Precious Blood
On Broken Wings
Walls of Jericho (also famed for having a female vocalist)
Too Young to Die

Although bands such as All Out War have a sound closer to thrash metal than old-school hardcore, their image and attitude identify closely with moshcore.

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