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Minimalist trance

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Minimalist trance

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An emerging style of electronic trance music developed in the early 2000s, minimal psytrance is a form of psychedelic trance which developed as a backlash to the older and (some would argue) stale and overused sound of goa trance. One of the first artists to create this genre was arguably Daniel Vernunft with his acclaimed Shiva Chandra identity, who continues to this day to release excellent releases under that name and as a member of the group Auricular.

Minimal psytrance can be likened to minimal sounding progressive music but is generally more involved and contains more complex developments (hence the psychedelic component). It can be lighter or darker music, but is generally darker and edgier than mainstream/progressive trance, and slower, less 'busy' or more progressive than typical "full-on" psychedelic trance. When lighter, minimal psytrance is often described as jovial and bouncy, appropriate at the beginning or end of a party.

In many respects minimal psytrance is an amalgamation of various styles. To some, minimal psytrance is heard to derive some of its heritage from techno. There is also a significant component of minimal psytrance which sounds as if it is derived from house music or otherwise utilizes elements typically found in house music, often specifically tech-house or minimal house.

Currently, Denmark, Sweden and Germany have created the most renowned minimalist labels. In the last couple of years Australia has added its own artists and labels to the minimalist trance scene.

Notable Labels

Iboga Records
Digital Structures
Spiral Trax
Flow Records
PlusQuam Records
Maia Records

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