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Memphis rap

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Memphis rap is a specific type of Southern hip hop music that originated in Memphis, Tennessee. With stylistic roots in gangsta rap, it is the origin of "Buck" music, sometimes called "Crunk" music.



Memphis rap dates back to the early 1980s. Crunk artists such as Lil Jon have stated in interviews that their influence for crunk came from Memphis. Memphis was "choppin' & screwin'" music back in the early 1980s when DJs would mix together and slow down vinyl albums and blend in their own basslines over a popular song or phrase such as the famous words "Say hello to my little friend" off the movie Scarface. This concept and Memphis rap were pioneered by early Memphis DJs such as Ray the Jay, Spanish Fly, DJ BK, DJ Paul, and many others.

Noted Memphis rappers and hip hop DJs

2Thick Family
Al Kapone
Chopper Girl
Criminal Manne
Crunchy Blac
DJ Boogaloo
DJ Jus Borne
DJ Paul
DJ Squeeky
DJ Screw
DJ Zirk
Eightball & MJG
Frayser Boy
Gangsta Blac
Gangsta Boo
Gangsta Pat
Indo G
Jazze Pha
Juicy J
Kamakaze Inc
Kinfolk Thugs
Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Koopsta Knicca
La Chat
Lil Wyte
Lord Infamous
Memph Mob
Nakia Shine
Nasty Nardo
Playa Fly
Project Pat
Prophet Posse
Ray the Jay
Spanish Fly
Strange Nation
Three 6 Mafia
Tommy Wright III
Tom Skeemask
Yo Gotti


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  1. All About Memphis Rap's Grillz

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