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Martial music

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Martial music

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Martial music/military pop
Stylistic origins: Neoclassical
Dark ambient
Cultural origins: Late 20th century, Europe
Typical instruments: Military band instrumentation
Drum machine
Mainstream popularity: Minor

Martial music, also known as military pop and martial industrial, is a music genre originating in late 20th century Europe. It often borrows musically from classical music, neofolk, neoclassical, traditional European marches and from elements of industrial and dark ambient.



The genre name military pop was coined by the Austrian musician Gerhard, founder of Allerseelen, to describe the direction his music was going at the time, leaning away from an ambient sound into something more militaristic. It has since been used by other artists such as Dernière Volonté to describe their musical sound. This term is often used in place of martial music or martial industrial.


Themes range from pounding, percussive soundtrack-like music to rally-worthy dark parade music to cabaret appropriate sexually-charged carnal declarations to mournful marches. Essentially, anything that could be made with traditional European martial instrumentation relating to the artists within this genre could be considered a part of this musical movement.


Dernière Volonté live in 2003. Dernière Volonté live in 2003.

Martial music fans range from people very politically active to cultural admirers to uniform fetishists. Due to use of European uniforms, this is sometimes misunderstood as being a means of expression of a single, unified political tendency by Antifa, groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and sometimes local news agencies, though artists in this genre range from the left (such as Militia) to the right (such as Von Thronstahl) to completely apolitical.

Related genres

Neofolk Music

The work of some neofolk music artists sometimes has musical and thematic elements in common with Martial Music and developed very close to it. Many artists that could be classified as a part of this field regularly work with, could be classified as a part of or play shows with artists of this musical movement in particular.

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