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List of music genres suffixed -core

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List of music genres suffixed -core

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This is a list of music genres suffixed -core, most of which are probably derived from the term hardcore, which denotes a style more extreme than the mainstream.




  • Acidcore - an alternative name for freeform hardcore.
  • Asscore - fusion of hardcore hip hop and heavy metal
  • Breakcore - fusion of hardcore, jungle and techno
  • Christcore - Christian hardcore or punk rock.
  • Cuddlecore - punk-influenced twee pop
  • Dancecore - fusion of eighties-esque dance music with hardcore (ex. Bloodbrothers)
  • Darkcore - style of hardcore techno
  • Discore - alternate term for D-Beat punk.
  • Drillcore - a cross between breakcore and drill 'n bass
  • Emocore - later and better known as emo
  • Emo-Metalcore - fusion of metalcore and emo
  • Funcore - a term used by Dutch based Babyboom Records label to describe bouncy techno
  • Folkcore - fusion of hardcore punk and folk music
  • Funkcore - fusion of hardcore punk and funk
  • Glamcore - fusion of riot grrl, thrash and glam rock
  • Gorecore - similar to goregrind but stripped of its grindcore nature blast beats & having more emphasis on sloppy or abject punk style
  • Gothcore - fusion of hardcore punk and Gothic music
  • Grindcore - hardcore with emphasis on absolute extremity to the exclusion of any other punk aesthetic, actually bearing more similarity to heavy metal and death metal than traditional hardcore.
  • Happycore - variety of swift, hard trance music
  • Hatecore - style of hardcore punk with white supremacy-themed lyrics
  • Hopcore - fusion of hardcore punk and hip hop music
  • Hobocore - Various forms of -core metal but with the implications of living a homeless lifestyle
  • Homocore - alternate term for queercore
  • Horrorcore - style of hip hop with graphically violent and sexual lyrics
  • Japcore - Japanese hardcore
  • Jazzcore - fusion of grindcore and jazz
  • Mathcore - a fusion of hardcore punk and math rock
  • Metalcore - fusion of hardcore punk and heavy metal
  • Nerdcore - style of hip hop with nerd-themed lyrics
  • Noisecore - a largely anti-technical, anti-clean sounding form of grindcore, sometimes an alternate term for noise music
  • Norsecore - style of black metal
  • Polkacore - fusion of hardcore punk and polka
  • Popcore - fusion of hardcore and street punk
  • Punkcore - anarchistic hardcore mixed with punk rock samples
  • Queercore - style of hardcore punk with gay and lesbian-themed lyrics
  • Raggacore - fusion of breakcore and ragga
  • Rapcore - fusion of hardcore, heavy metal and hip hop
  • Sadcore - style of late 80s indie rock with sadness and loneliness-themed lyrics
  • Skacore - fusion of hardcore and ska punk
  • Skatecore - alternate term for skate punk
  • Slowcore - alternate term for sadcore
  • Spazzcore - term for over-the-top spastic & volatile punk.
  • Synthcore - alternative name for electroclash that never found popularity
  • Stenchcore - early term for the crust punk style
  • Terrorcore - a subgenre of hardcore techno with "scary" or horror themed samples
  • Thrashcore - fusion of hardcore punk and thrash music
  • Twangcore - alternate term for alternative country
  • Yardcore - an alternative name for raggacore

Record labels

  • There are record labels called Bubblecore, Housecore Records, and Punkcore Records, and bands called Bloodcore and Redcore.


The terms gaycore and fagcore are used as an insult for any of the above listed genres, especially emo and similar styles. Snoozecore, fashioncore, haircore and mallcore are similarly used. Norsecore was formerly pejorative but is now not necessarily so.

The terms angstcore, brocore, progcore, whorecore, gospelcore, fightcore, cowcore, soulcore, skincore, wavecore, discocore, Celticore, discore, junglecore, bluecore, groovecore, countrycore, downcore, spacecore, altcore, indiecore, latincore, surfcore, christcore, glamcore, zydecore, bonecore, cuntcore, ragecore, bubblecore, electrocore, technocore, dubcore and psychocore may be in use, but without a clear meaning.

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