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List of genres of music: N-R

Music Sound

List of genres of music: N-R

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Music genres
Genres of music : A-F · G-M · N-R · S-Z · Classical · Popular 
Blues · Country · Electronic · Folk · Hip hop · Heavy metal · Industrial · Jazz · Punk · Reggae · Pop · Rock



  • Na trapeza - Greek-Turkish slow songs
    Nagauta - Japanese style of shamisen-playing
    Nakasi - Taiwanese musical form
    Naked funk
    Nangma - Tibetan dance music
    Nanguan - Taiwanese instrumental music
    Narcocorrido - Spanish for "Drug ballad", this Mexican music's theme was equivalent to gangster rap
    Narodna muzika - Serbian folk music
    Nasheed - a capella music closely related with Islamic revival in the 20th century
  • Nashville Sound - pop-country music based out of Nashville, Tennessee
  • Native American gospel - gospel music performed by Native Americans
    Nederpop - popular music of the Netherlands, especially in the Dutch language
    Néo kýma
    Neomelodici - modern Neapolitan pop songs
  • Neo-classicism
  • Neo-clerical ghazni
    Neo-ska - late 20th century revival of Jamaican ska
    Neo-swing - late 20th century revival of swing music
    Nerdcore hiphop
    Neue Deutsche Welle - a kind of German New Wave music
    Neue Volksmusik
  • New Age music - numerous varieties of music associated with New Age spirituality and culture, especially including atmospheric and natural sounds
  • New Beat - a downtempo music style from Belgium, contemporary to Chicago House and Detroit Techno.
    New Instrumental
  • New Jack Swing (New Jack R&B, Swingbeat) - late 1980s American fusion of hip hop music, R&B, doo wop and soul music
  • New Orleans blues - piano and horn-heavy blues from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana
    New Orleans contemporary brass band
    New Orleans jazz
  • New Romantic - popular British New Wave from the early 1980s
  • New rumba
    New school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded after about 1989
    New Taiwanese Song - modern Taiwanese pop music which combines ballads, rock and roll and hip hop
    New Wave bhangra (Fusion bhangra)
    New Wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) - mid- to late 1970s heavy metal coming out of the United Kingdom
  • New Wave - melodious pop outgrowth of arty punk rock, also used as description of an emerging sound in any genre (e.g. Alpine New Wave)
  • New York blues - jazzy, urban blues from the early 20th century
    Newgrass - progressive bluegrass
    Nhac dan toc cai bien - modernized forms of Vietnamese folk music which arose in the 1950s
    Nhac tai tu - Vietnamese chamber music which accompanies cai luong
    Nha Nac
    Nisiótika - folk songs of the Greek islands
    No Wave - avant-garde late 1970s outgrowth of New Wave and punk rock
    Noh - highly-stylized Japanese theater and music style
  • Noise music - style of avant-garde music, most closely associated with Japan
  • Noise pop - experimental 1990s outgrowth of punk
  • Noise rock - atonal punk rock from the 1980s
  • Nongak - Korean folk music played by 20-30 performers on different kinds of percussion instruments
    Norae Undong - Korean rock music with socially aware lyrics
    Nordic folk music
    Nordic folk dance music
  • Nortec - electronic style from Tijuana, Mexico
  • Norteño (Tex-Mex) - Modernized corridos pop music of Mexico
  • Northern harmony
    Northern Soul - late 1960s variety of soul music from northern England
    Northumbrian smallpipe music
    Nova canção - popular 1950s and 60s fado in Portugal and folk-based singer-songwriters in Spain
    Novokomponovana narodna muzika - modernized Serbian folk music
    Nu breaks
  • Nu jazz - fusion of late 1990s jazz and electronic music
  • Nu metal - fusion of heavy metal music with genres such as hip hop, funk, grunge and electronic music
  • Nu-NRG - a harder and faster version of Hi-NRG
  • Nu soul (neo soul) - popular fusion of hip hop music and soul music
    Nueva canción - Chilean pop-folk music which influenced by native Chilean and Bolivian forms
    Nyingmapa chanting - form of highly rhythmic and elaborate Tibetan Buddhist chanting


  • Oi! - 1980s style of British punk rock
  • Old school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded before approximately 1989
  • Old time country
    Old-time - archaic term for many different styles that were an outgrowth of Appalachian folk music and fed into country music
    Olonkho - Yakut epic songs
    On ikki muqam - Uyghur classical suite in 12 parts
    Oom pah band
  • Opera - theatrical performances in which all or most dialogue is sung with musical accompaniment
  • Oratorical calypso
  • Oratorio - similar to opera but without scenery, costumes or acting
  • Orchestra - a large ensemble, especially one used to played Western classical music
  • Orchestre
    Organic ambient - often acoustic ambient music which uses instruments and styles borrowed from world music
    Organic house
    Organum - Middle Ages polyphonic music
    Oriental Foxtrot
  • Oriental metal - Israeli fusion of death and doom metal
  • Orovela - eastern Georgian work songs
    Orgel (Organ Orgue) - keyboard instrument with/without pedals
    Orquestas Tejanas
    Ottava rima - Italian rhyming stanzas
  • Outlaw country - late 1960s and 70s form of country music with a hard-edged sound and rebellious lyrics
  • Outsider music - generic term for music performed by outsiders


  • P-Funk - 1970s fusion of funk, heavy metal and psychedelic rock, most closely associated with the bands Funkadelic and Parliament, who shared many members collectively known as P-Funk
  • Padams
    Paisley Underground - 1980s style of alternative rock that drew heavily on psychedelia
    Palm wine - fusion of numerous West African, Latin American and European genres, popular throughout coastal West Africa in the 20th century
    Panambih - tembang sunda that uses metered poetry
    Panchai baja - Nepalese wedding music
    Pansori - Korean folk music played by a singer and a drummer
    Parisian soukous
    Parranda - Afro-Venezuelan form of music
    Parody - humorous renditions of various songs
    Payada de contrapunto
    Pambiche (Merengue estilo yanqui)
    Paranda - Garifuna music of Belize
    Parang - Trinidadian Christmas carols
    Partido alto
    El pasacalle
    Peace Punk
    Pedo punk
    Pelimanni music - Finnish folk dance music
    Pennywhistle jive
    Peroveta anedia
    Peyote Song - a mixture of gospel and traditional Native American music
    Philadelphia soul - soft 1970s soul that came out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Phleng luk tung
    Piano blues
  • Piano rock
  • Piedmont blues
  • Pineal Polka
    Pinoy rock - rock and roll sung in Tagalog from the Philippines
    Pinpeat orchestra
    Piphat - ancient form of Thai classical musical ensemble
    Pirekaus - traditional love songs of the Purépecha of Mexico
    Pisiq - Greenlandic folk song
    Plachi - melancholic Russian folk songs
    Plainchant (Gregorian chant)
    Pleng phua cheewit - Thai protest rock
    Pleng Thai sakorn - a Thai interpretation of Western classical music
    Poco-poco - Indonesian modern music which fuses disco with eastern Indonesian dance music
    Political Grindcore
  • Polka
  • Polo
    Pols - Danish fiddle and accordion dance music
    Pong lang
    Pop melayu - Malay pop music with dangdut overlay
    Pop mop - Mongolian pop music
  • Pop music
  • Pop punk
  • Pop rai
    Pop sunda - Sundanese mixture of gamelan degung and pop music structures
  • Popular music
  • Porngroove - A variation on Funk-Hop with a distinctive emphasis on 'Bow Chicka Bow Wow' pioneeredby Northwood Hills super group GGNXTMAP
    Porro - Colombian big band music
    Portuguese Shangaan - South African and Mozambiquan mixture of traditional Tsonga and Portuguese music
  • Post-minimalism
  • Post punk
  • Post-rock
  • Post-romanticism
    Power electronics
  • Power metal
  • Power noise (or rhythmic noise)
  • Power pop
  • Pow-wow - Native American dance music
    Ppongtchak - Korean pop music developed during the Japanese occupation
    Praise song
    Presleyan music - Elvis Presley meshes so many different sounds that it is difficult to place him in any one genre of music and with a hitlist like his he is practically his own genre. Err... it's rock-'n-roll
    Program symphony
    Progressive Acoustic Urban Math Folk
  • Progressive electronic music
  • Progressive house
  • Progressive metal
  • Progressive bluegrass
  • Progressive rock
  • Progressive trance
  • Psychedelic music
  • Psych folk or Psychedelic folk
  • Psychedelic trance (Psy-trance)
  • Psychobilly
  • Psychosomatic trance
    Punjabi thumri - a type of thumri from Punjab
    Punk Cabaret - a fusion of musical theater and cabaret style music with the aggressive, raw nature of punk rock.
  • Punk rock
  • Punta
    Punta rock - 1970s Belizean music


  • Quan ho - Vietnamese vocal music which originated in the Red River Delta
    Qasidah - Epic religious poetry accompanied by percussion and chanting
    Qasidah modern - Qasidah updated for mainstream audiences
    Qawwali - Sufi religious music since updated for mainstream audiences, originally developed in Pakistan
  • Queercore
  • Quiet Storm


  • Rada
    Raga rock - Swiss soul, rock and Indian music fusion
    Raggamuffin (Ragga)
    Ragga-zouk - a fusion of reggae, dub music and zouk
  • Ragtime
  • Rai - Algerian folk music now developed into a popular style
    Rake-and-scrape - Bahamanian instrumental music
    Ranchera - pop mariachi from 1950s film soundtracks
    Random dance
  • Rap (hip hop)
  • Rap dogba
    Rap metal
  • Rapcore
  • Rapso
    Rare groove
  • Rave
  • Rebetiko
  • Reggae
  • Reggae highlife
    Rekilaulu - Finnish rhyming sleigh songs
  • Renaissance music
  • Rhapsody
    Rhyming spiritual - Bahamanian hymns
  • Rhythm and blues (R&B)
  • Rhythmic noise (or power noise)
  • Ricercar
    Rímur - Icelandic heroic epic songs
    Ring Bang - the Barbadian sound of soca
    Riot grrl
    Rob Schneider
  • Rock
  • Rock opera
  • Rock and roll
  • Rock en espanol
  • Rockabilly
  • Rocksteady
    Rodeo music
    Rokon fada
    Romantic period in music
    Ronggeng - a folk music from Malacca, Malaysia
  • Roots reggae
  • Roots rock
  • Roots rock reggae
    Ruem trosh - Cambodian traditional music
  • Rumba
  • Rumba gitana - French Gypsy music
  • Runddan
    Runolaulu - Finnish folk songs
    Runo-song - Estonian folk music

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