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Kiowa music

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Kiowa music

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The Kiowa are a Native American tribe. Their traditional music is strongly focused on dancing, such as the Sun Dance (k'aw-tow), when the people gather to build a lodge out of cottonwood trees; courtship is a traditional part of k'aw-tow celebrations, and this facet is often reflected in the music. A dance called the Brush Dance commemorates these gatherings. Both of the Dances were very important to the Kiowas.

Kiowa music, one of the most heavily recorded American Indian musics, is part of the larger Southern Plains Indian music that is heavily influenced by the Omaha, often through the Ponca via the Omaha. The Kiowa adapted their flag song from the Arapaho, their memorial song and the dance bustle in the O-Ho-Mah Lodge warrior society from the Cheyenne. The Smithsonian Institute made recordings during the 1930s, '40s, and '50s that are close to 19th century music, while Indian House Records and Canyon Records began commercial recording in the '60s and '70s and Soundchief began recording in the '40s. (Carney and Foley 2003, p.287)

Much of Kiowa music is related to the warrior societies of the 20th century. The Kiowas significant contributions to world music include the maintenance of traditions such as the Black Leggins Society, the Oh-Ho-Mah Lodge, the Kiowa Gourd Clan, Peyote songs, and sacred Kiowa hymns. (ibid, p.286)

Cornel Pewewardy (flautist and full blood Comanche/Kiowa) is a leading performer of Kiowa/Southern Plains music, including Kiowa Christian hymns which include prominent glissandos. (Broughton and Ellingham 2000, p.586)


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