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Junglist is a slang term referring to a dedicated listener of jungle (music), otherwise referred to as drum & bass.

Drum & bass tracks often contain shout outs to "real junglists" and "junglist krus".

Junglists are often associated with heavy marijuana usage ("smokin' da herb", a popular jungle motif), baggy camouflage clothing (cargo pants) and sweaters ("hoodies"), somewhat similar to hip-hop fashions. Many junglists take pride in their belonging to what may be referred to as a mostly UK drum & bass subculture, though it is not nearly as distinct as goth or punk.

Ali G is a parody junglist (i.e. dressing in camouflage and listening to loud drum & bass music in his car), though he can also be treated as a parody hip-hop listener, unsurprising in light of the similar clothing fashions and speech patterns.

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