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A jingle is a memorable slogan, set to an engaging melody, mainly broadcast on radio and sometimes on television commercials. Jingles are memes constructed to stay in one's memory (colloquially, "ringing a bell"). People often nostalgically remember jingles decades later, even after the advertised brand has ceased to exist. Nowadays the most common form of a jingle is a radio station's on air musical or spoken identity. The most famous musical identities both past and present include jingles heard on WABC/WPLJ, WLS/KIIS-FM, Z100 New York, KOST, and KHJ.

Jingles were used on radio from the beginning, and the art of jingle-writing was well-honed by the time television became widely available. The golden age of jingles was during the US 1950s economic boom. Jingles were used in the advertising of branded products such as breakfast cereals, candy and snacks (including soda pop) and other processed foods, tobacco and alcoholic beverages, as well as various franchises and products that might reflect personal image such as automobiles, personal hygiene products (including deodorants, mouthwash, and toothpaste) and household cleaning products, especially detergent.

With the soaring costs of preexisting music licensing, jingles are making a comeback. Today, a growing number of businesses are turning to the more affordable option of custom made jingles for their advertising needs.

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