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Jangle pop

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Jangle pop

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Jangle pop was an American musical genre that arose in the middle of the 1960s, combining angular, chiming guitars and power pop structures. Jangle pop wasn't mainstream music the bands' lyrics were often deliberately cryptic and their sound was raw and amateurish, bearing all the signs of do-it-yourself productions. The first and most famous jangle pop band was The Byrds, who eventually became one of the biggest bands in the world. Their twelve-string guitar style was the basis for jangle pop's diversification later in the 20th century. Jangle pop was closely related to the power pop genre, including bands like The Raspberries and Big Star, who blur the line between the two styles.

Jangle pop became an important force in the development of alternative rock in the early 1980s, as exemplified by the early albums of R.E.M. It was primarily a southern and midwestern US phenomenon, though a group of bands called the Paisley Underground led a more psychedelic movement on the West Coast. There were also vibrant scenes in the UK (Brilliant Corners, Jazz Butcher, Monochrome Set, Popguns, Loft, Family Cat, Felt, James), Australia (The Go-Betweens, Hummingbirds) and New Zealand (Clean, Mad Scene, Jean Paul Sartre Experience, The Bats, Chills).


The Bats
The Byrds
Chris Stamey
The Hummingbirds
Let's Active
Miracle Legion
Uncle Green
Blake Babies
Guadalcanal Diary
Love Tractor
The dB's
The Smiths
Mitch Easter
Dreams So Real
The Feelies
The Connells

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