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Industrial fashion

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Industrial fashion

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Rivetheads from the Skinny Puppy music video Pro-test. Rivetheads from the Skinny Puppy music video Pro-test.

Industrial fashion is a form of fashion most closely associated with the industrial music scene and is based on styles including punk and military combat uniform aesthetics. Typical items of clothing include combat boots, camo trousers, t-shirts, and sometimes gas masks, goggles, flight jackets, or trenchcoats, the color black being most predominant. Partially or completely buzzed, shaved or undercut hair is common.

People in the industrial music scene are often called "industrialites" or "rivetheads." Although close to the goth subculture, industrial fashion and music are much less well-known. This can be attributed to the relative obscurity of industrial music, as compared to mainstream rock or even gothic rock.

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