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Indian blues

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Indian blues

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Indian Blues is a blues style founded in Pune, India. Sagar Sarkar is considered the father of this style, and Contraband are credited as the earliest practitioners of it, while creating the Hippy Scene in Pune during the late eighties to the late nineties.

In a rare late nineties interview about their hedonistic lifestyle, Sagar Sarkar is quoted as saying: "The jams we'd had were centered around three characters: N.C. Kumar, Samuel Wilson and Zubin Balsara. We ran a circuit using little known Pune venues like Nadi-Kinara, Madhur-Milan, Jaws and the private houses of anybody who'd co-operate. Anyone who knew about our venues were free to just carry their booze, gals and tune in! We were joined by many guests at all sessions, including the great JD who's now into agricultural pursuits in Canada! (Many of y'll know what I mean!)"

Rare bootlegs of Contraband recordings have been produced by Studio K and are highly valued amongst collectors.

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