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Horror punk

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Horror Punk
Stylistic origins: Punk, Doo-Wop, Psychobilly, Hardcore Punk, Horror Films,
Cultural origins: United States late 1970s
Typical instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Mainstream popularity: Generally low, although the genre maintains a strong underground following; some bands such as The Misfits have gained considerable success.
Horror Hardcore
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Horror Glam

Horror Punk (or Horror Rock) is a sub-genre of punk rock, that blends Horror imagery and themes inspired by horror movies with a raw punk rock sound.

Often, song topics are taken from horror movies particually movies containing werewolves and zombies, horror punk bands create an atmosphere by telling tales through the song. Horror punk is closely related to Deathrock, another sub-genre of Punk which has more post-punk leanings in comparision, whereas Horror punk bands sometimes incorporate Hardcore punk leanings into their music.

Undoubtely the most influential band on the genre are The Misfits. They were followed by bands like Samhain (brainchild of former Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig), 45 Grave (Who are also a huge part of the Deathrock genre), Rosemary's Babies, and Mourning Noise.

Horror punk continues to have a thriving underground following with dedicated websites and festivals. The genre has even seen some mainstream success recently, particually with the Murderdolls and their vocalists solo group Wednesday 13.

The genre really gained momentum due to the success of the first website, where many modern Horror punk bands first found an audience. It should be noted that several of these bands blend elements of heavy metal and gothic rock in addition to punk rock, and thus prefer the more general label of "Horror Rock", as opposed to "Horror Punk".

Horror punk has also begun to branch out into literature with Bizarro fiction which has very strong punk roots, the burgoning small press Punk Horror that specifically tries to blend the two genres. Notable authors that encompass this very small segment of horror literature are Carlton Mellick III and John Shirley. Horror punk can also be found in comics, like the graphic novels of Vertigo publishing and Glenn Danzig's Verotik comics.



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Horror Punk Fashion

Horror punks may look similar to Deathrock Fashion and Goth Fashion but are not always limited to their fashion senses. The best example of horror punk fashion is The Misfits Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only. Jerry Only wore the devilock which is an icon of Horror Punk hairstyles. The punk clothing "de rigeur" of the denim/cotton vest with a patch sewn on the back is also common.

In the case of Horror Hardcore, some fans, being mostly in the Hardcore scene, will follow the Anti-Fashion style. Black clothing is still common, especially wearing the black cotton hoodie.

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