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Hip house

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Hip house

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Hip house, also known as house rap, is a mixture of house music and hip hop which arose during the 1980s in New York and Chicago. However, the first hip house track was "Rok Da House" by the UK producers 'The Beatmasters' and featured British female rappers 'The Cookie Crew'. Later came "I'll House You" by the Jungle Brothers - although this is not indicated on the album, the track is generally seen as a collaboration between NY house producer Todd Terry and the Jungle Brothers (an Afrocentric rap group from New York). Shortly after "I'll House You", artists in Chicago, the home of house music, started producing their own hip house tracks. Though hip house never achieved massive popularity, a few hits arose when fused with Belgian New beat and Italo House (such as by Technotronic, a Belgian group) in the later part of the decade and the early 1990s.

List of artists

2 In A Room
AB Logic
B.G. The Prince of Rap
Doug Lazy
Fast Eddie
Kickin' Kenny V
Kool Rock Steady
La Bouche
Mr. Lee
Outhere Brothers
Stereo MCs
Tony Scott
White Knight
Ya Kid K
2 Young Brothers

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