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Hardcore trance

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Hardcore trance

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Hardcore trance, is a hybrid of Trance music and Happy Hardcore with House elements. The style focuses largely on fast 4/4 beats with uplifting leads, looped vocals (often sampled from cult films) and extended builds leading to frantic crescendo's, before 'dropping the beat'. BPM range is 160 to 200 or more. Well known DJs and producers include Scott Brown, Hixxy, and Breeze & Styles. Although the style follows rigid musical structures and is beat lead there is sufficient diversity for niche genre's, hence the confusing number of names which refer to a musical sound many outside the scene might think to be the same genre. Hardcore, or Happy Hardcore, was the 'original' sound of the genre, with very basic beats, often containing 'zany' sound effects and the common 'chipmunk' pitch-shifted vocal. As the genre evolved and branched the music has become many layered, losing some of it's 'no nonsense, hard hitting' sound. Recently a lot of producers like Dougal, Seduction and Gammer are turning back to the basic oldskool analog sounds and hoovers, striping the sound to a less dense and more 'primitive' audio landscape, attempting to bring back some of the 'hard' sound which has been lost since more modern audio equipment lead to over-layering of samples.
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