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Hard trance

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Hard trance is an aggressive sounding subgenre of trance music. Originating in Frankfurt, hard trance incorporates influences from hardcore techno and euro house.



The hard trance sound varies from classic trance with its emphasis on harder, often acid sounds. The beat is very strong, and the lead synths or pads are more simplistic, yet still retain their melodic, "trance-like" nature. The hoover is used infrequently as of late, giving way to harsher lead melodies through synths or pads. Recently, a difference in production styles between the two stables of hard trance has developed, splitting the genre into what is commonly known as European hard trance, which shares common production techniques with hardstyle such as the familar off beat bassline and snappy snarerolls, and UK hard trance, which sets its roots in trance's hayday, with wide, epic synths and rolling, often "bubbling" basslines. Tempo varies from 140 to 145 beats per minute.


The pumped up sound of hard house, popular at the turn of the millennium, spread to the trance and gradually the two came closer together through the evolution of hard trance. It features the dreamy vocals and dancing treble range characteristic to trance with a faster driving bassline and distinctive "Hoover" that gives it its "Hard" sound. As Hard House DJs incorporated more trancy buildups in their sets the style grew to have its own distinct sound. Many tracks are released on record labels such as Nukleuz and Tidy Trax. Today the Netherlands are best known for their numerous well known DJs in the Hard trance / Hardcore music production within the scene.


Bas & Ram
Cosmic Gate
DJ Proteus
DJ Scot Project
DJ The Crow
Flash Harry
Gaz West
Hennes & Cold
James Lawson
Jon the Baptist
Lab 4
Lee Haslam
Mat Silver & Tony Burt
Organ Donors
Paul Maddox
Public Domain
Steve Hill
Trance Generators
Yoji Biomehanika

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