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Grindcore is an extreme form of hardcore punk and heavy metal, related to both death metal and crust punk, but historically formed by combining elements of hardcore punk and early thrash metal.


Historical roots and influences

The genre was pioneered during the early 1980s in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil by bands such as Sore Throat and Napalm Death. In the United States the genre has their roots with proto-grindcore and hardcore punk bands such as Siege, DRI, SOB, Cyanamid, Deep Wound and Repulsion.

Many of the early bands, such as Napalm Death, DRI, and Siege were seen by their contemporaries as part of the anarcho-punk and hardcore punk scenes. As many anarcho-punk and peace punk bands in England and hardcore in the United States had already incorporated elements of heavy metal into their music.

Many of these early bands were, and still are, obscure.

For instance, the hardcore punk band Siege only released a DIY demo entitled Drop Dead, and Repulsion was posthumously exposed to the world in 1989 through the album Horrified which was released in Europe. Grindcore is characterized by its intense blast-beat drumming, grinding guitars (hence the name), brutal grunted vocals, and very short songs (the Napalm Death song "You Suffer" is listed as the shortest song ever by the Guinness Book of Records, clocking in at just over 1 second long; however, others such as the Cripple Bastards on their demo 94 Flashback di Massacro, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed on their 3" cd/10" lp Altered States of America have taken this aesthetic to even greater extremes). American grindcore band Anal Cunt, a project of Seth Putnam, has recorded an EP called 5643 Song EP which contains 5643 "songs" in less than 15 minutes, by way of creative multitracking and recording processes.


Grindcore has proven somewhat difficult to categorise. Some fans and musicians have a firm concept of genre and subgenre, but others reject such categorisation as limiting or useless.

There is often significant crossover from one category to another, and often the influence of non-metal music is present.


  • Political grindcore: This subgenre is known for having politically aware lyrics, and is sometimes associated with the crust punk and peace punk movement. Of all the subgenres of grindcore, this one remains the most musically similar to the earliest grindcore bands. Examples include Nasum and Napalm Death.
  • Power violence a lot like grindcore, drum-wise and vocal-wise at times, but leans more to being faster sounding hardcore. Widely considered a sub genre of hardcore, equally if not more.
  • Goregrind: This subgenre started with the band Carcass, and is most notable for having gore obsessed lyrics, and pitchshifted vocals.
  • eGrind (also referred to as Cybergrind, Digital Grindcore, Digigrind, or Midicore) is a form of grindcore that, aside from the instruments used by ordinary grind, uses computer generated sounds and/or drum machines and other synthetic instruments. Typical bands in the genre, such as Decomposing Serenity, are lightning fast with shorter songs, usually under 2 minutes and sometimes use samples.

Other minor genres

  • Death/Grind: Death metal with heavy grindcore influences, or vice versa.

Crucial bands

  • See also List of grindcore bands.

Crucial grindcore bands include Agathocles, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, Cripple Bastards, Extreme Noise Terror, Fear of God, Phobia, Napalm Death, Nasum, Repulsion, Siege, Terrorizer.

Bands that inspired and helped to define early grind include Agonia, Anti-Cimex, CCM, Cryptic Slaughter, Discharge, Larm, S.O.B., Unseen Terror.

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