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Gothabilly is a portmanteau which refers to an unusual fusion of rockabilly music and the Goth culture. Separate from "Psychobilly" due to the comedic aspect that is often inhibited in the over the top, violent lyrics. Often the vocal styles are very similar to classic rockabilly. While the gothabilly subgenre is widely acknowledged to have been started by The Cramps in the late 70's, the term itself didn't come into fruition until the early 90's in an interview with Salon Betty frontwoman, Betty X. The adage quickly caught on.

On a similar note, the terms Death Lounge and Deathabilly can also be credited to Betty X in the same time period.

Among the bands of this genre of music:

The Birthday Party
Bone Orchard
The Coffinshakers
The Cramps
The Cryptkeeper 5
Concumbre Zombi
Cult of the Psychic Fetus
Dark Violence of Beauty
Dr. Daniel & the Rockabilly Vampires
The Hillbilly Headhunters
Koffin Kats
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Salon Betty
Scary Boom
The Young Werewolves

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