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Glam punk (or Glitter punk) is a term used to describe bands who mix elements of glam rock and protopunk or punk rock music. Elements of rock are normally included too.




The first and most potent example of glam punk, is the New York Dolls, they are often considerd one of the creators of punk rock music in general. Though after the punk explosion in London during the 1970s happened the Dolls were considered "glam" in comparison. Which would lead to them been described as "Glam-Punk".[1]

Iggy Pop is also considered by some as "Glam punk" [2] this is most likely due to the protopunk sound of the Stooges which was largely influential on the punk rock movement, coupled with Iggy's angrogynous image and close friendship as well as workings with Glam rock icon David Bowie, who produced some of Iggy Pop's music.

The same could be said for Alice Cooper Band who were one of the first Glam rock bands and were later influential to the likes of Hanoi Rocks, punk bands such as the Sex Pistols have also cited them as an influence. [3]

Other more obscure groups from around this time such as Hollywood Brats, the Jook, Milk ‘N’ Cookies, Jet, and others can be heard on the compilation “Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers“. [4]


The 1980s saw a re-emergence of the "Glam punk" styling with the band Hanoi Rocks. While playing in London the group influenced several other bands who played in a similar style; Soho Roses, Kill City Dragons, Dogs D'Amour, the Babysitters, etc.

Shades of "Glam punk" can also be heard in the "sleaze glam" subgenre of Glam metal, which emereged in the late 1980s. New York Dolls hugely influenced bands in the "sleaze glam" genre, such as Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, Shotgun Messiah and others. Though these bands also incorporated "heavy metal" elements, not found in pure Glam punk.


Swedish band Backyard Babies were the most prominent example of "Glam punk", during the 1990s with their album Total 13. Guitarist Dregen once described the Babies in an interview as "The missing link between KISS and The Ramones." [5] Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks guested on one of the bands tracks, guitarist Dregen has also recorded a live acoustic album with the Dogs D'Amour vocalist Tyla.

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