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Euro-Trance is a hybrid of Hard Trance and Eurodance music incorporating Hardstyle bass drums and trance elements. The trance synths at times sound like techno hoovers with trancey effects and strings backing it up. The vocals are often pitched up for the most part, but sometimes they can be heard as in normal pitch range. This is often confused as vocal trance because of its use of vocals. The lyrical content is usually pretty simple, containing an introduction to the song with usually no or little drums, and often includes renderings of classic Happy Hardcore anthems or melodies.

Euro-Trance Artists

A list of some main euro-trance producers:

ALX (Alex Ross)
Baracuda (Axel Konrad, Markus Schafferzyk, Mell, Verena)
Bass-T (Sebastian Göckede)
Cascada (Manuel Reuter, Yann Pfeifer)
Deepforces (Christian Blecha)
Deep Spirit (Dominik Cydlik, Bernhard Hochrainer & Roland Binder)
DJ Manian (Manuel Reuter)
Future Trance United (Baracuda, Megara vs. DJ Lee, Pulsedriver, Rocco vs. Bass-T & Special D.)
Groove Coverage (Axel Konrad, Markus Schafferzyk, Mell, Verena)
Pulsedriver (Slobodan Petrovic Jr.)
Rob Mayth (Robin Brandes)
Rocco (Sven Gruhnwald)
Special D. (Dennis Horstmann)
Starsplash (Charly Lownoise & Franky Tunes)
Sven-R-G (Sven Gruhnwald)
Tune Up! (Manuel Reuter & Yann Pfeiffer)
Verano (Marco Stork & Dennis Nicholls)

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