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Electrocrass is an early 2005 phenomenon and is considered a subcategory of the broader electronic music style, electroclash. This style of music is characterized by blatantly and unapologetically sexual lyrics, lo-fi sounding synthesizer-crafted beats, and a blend of rap-like lyrics with more traditional and irreverent pop delivery. Electrocrass music has seen a surge of popularity in dance clubs that play indie rock and college rock.

Electrocrass is notably disparate from electroclash in that none of the major artists in the movement originate from New York City, considered the major center of the birth of the electroclash movement, brought about by artists such as Soviet, A.R.E. Weapons, and Fischerspooner.

The controversial and graphic nature of the lyrics that these artists create is usually not an issue, as none have achieved mainstream success and all are either signed to an indie label or self-release their music. These artists have achieved a huge gay fan base due to their pansexual attitudes and lyrics as well as by having gay members.

Representative artists and ensembles

Avenue D
Cherry Bikini
Gravy Train!!!!

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