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Drill 'n bass

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Drill 'n bass is the popular name for a type of electronic music that emerged from drum 'n bass in the mid-1990s. Artists like Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, and most famously, Aphex Twin created the sound in 1995 (see 1995 in music).

The genre is characterized by extremely complex and detailed drum programming, often sampled from the famous "amen" breakbeat. The complexity and attention to measure-by-measure detail found in drill 'n bass distanced it from the dancefloor mentality of early drum 'n bass.

In 1998 and 1999, Aphex Twin released his "Come to Daddy" and "Windowlicker" singles, both mainly in the style of drill and bass, and which were both commercially successful worldwide.

By 1999, the popularity of this name for the genre had declined. New, successful artists of the complex drum and bass style such as Venetian Snares and Doormouse took the name "breakcore" instead.


Key early releases (1995)

Hangable Auto Bulb series of EPs by Aphex Twin (as AFX)
Conumber, Alroy Road Trax EPs by Squarepusher
Plug series of EPs by Luke Vibert (as Plug)

Notable later releases

Feed Me Weird Things - Squarepusher (1996).
Richard D. James Album - Aphex Twin (1996).
Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin EP (1997).
Big Loada - Squarepusher (1997).
Boku Mo Wakaran - Bogdan Raczynski (1998).
Lunatic Harness - -ziq (1997)

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