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Downtempo (sometimes DownTempo, down tempo or downbeat) is an umbrella term for a laid-back electronic music style slower than house music (less than 118 beats per minute) but separate from ambient music. This can encompass specific genres such as lounge music, chill out, trip-hop, or acid jazz. It is usually intended more for relaxing and socializing than dancing, though some releases are produced for the dance floor.

The downtempo genre draws heavily on dub, hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, drum 'n' bass, ambient music, and pop and is often confused and/or mated with closely-related styles like IDM, trip hop, and acid jazz.

Artists and record labels

Kruder & Dorfmeister from Austria, Thievery Corporation from the United States and Zero 7 from the UK are amongst the most well-known bands of the genre. They have founded their own influential labels: G-stone, Eighteenth Street Lounge and TRL Music. Other important labels/producers promoting downtempo music are Boards of Canada (UK), Stereo Deluxe (Germany), Grand Central (UK), Tru Thoughts (UK), Switchstance Recordings (Germany), and Couch Records (Austria).

Other significant acts include Lemon Jelly, Fila Brazillia, Funki Porcini, Amon Tobin, Lendi Vexer, Glideascope, Eckaflx, Blue Stone, Nicola Conte, Peace Orchestra, Dreamlin, Cities Of Foam and Bent. Related acts include the likes of Daedelus, edIT, Tipper, Eskmo, Four Tet, Wally, and DJ Olive.

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