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Digital hardcore

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Digital hardcore is a music genre or style that was first defined by Alec Empire. Digital Hardcore Recordings is also the name of the record company that Alec Empire set up in Germany in the early 1990s. Digital hardcore reached the peak of its popularity in the mid-1990s and spawned a rapid growth in labels specializing in the genre, but has since regressed to "underground" status.

Digital hardcore is an abrasive and typically electronic music, created with samplers and drum machines. The music is a combination of hardcore punk, hardcore techno, drum and bass and other similar styles. It also has close ties to industrial and noise music. Most of the time, lyrics are anarchist slogan

Some of the most popular digital hardcore acts include Atari Teenage Riot (Alec Empire's own band), EC8OR, The Shizit, Bomb 20, Cobra Killer, Panic DHH, Ambassador 21, Tuareg Geeks, Schizoid, Christoph de Babalon, Mad Capsule Markets and Shizuo.

Record labels

Digital Hardcore Recordings
Ambush Records (UK)
Aklass Records (New Zealand) Records (USA)
D-Trash Records (Canada)
Here's My Card Records (Canada/UK)
Invasion Wreckchords (Belarus)
SickMODE Networks - Music for the 21st Century Punk (International)
Severed Digit Recordings (Canada)
Widerstand.Org (Germany)

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