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Deathcountry is a country music genre, best described as traditional country music with a morbid anarchist Punk rock and Psychobilly attitude. Since the late 1990s, deathcountry is a well-known term in the music scene, first used by Hank Ray (Raymen), the "Father of Deathcountry." Big influences include Hank Williams III and Johnny Cash's "American Recordings."

Important artists include Hank Ray, CoffinShakers, Undead Syncopators, Those Poor Bastards, Zeno Tornado, and Sons of Perdition. Recording labels includes Suzy Q Records, Gravewax Records, and One Million $ Records.

The music style is reminiscent of traditional Country/Hillbilly/Folk music from the 30's and 40's in the United States, in the way of Jimmy Rogers or Hank Williams. It's a counterpart to pop and radio Country and the reactionary Nashville Sound. They use the classic instruments of country music: guitar, upright bass, banjo, fiddle and steel guitar. The lyrics are about social misfits and outlaws, morbid and bizzare topics as well as death and rebellion .

The Deathcountry scene has deep roots in Punk and Rockabilly circles.

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