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Deathcore is an amalgamation of the two musical styles: hardcore and heavy metal/death metal. While similar to slam death metal, Deathcore typically has a more muted drumwork as well as a variation on its speed and heaviness. Deathcore receives its speed, with minimal complexity, from death metal and its breakdowns are attributed to a hardcore influence. An important characteristic of Deathcore bands, which is also attributed to a Hardcore influence, is their raw, political, and socially focused lyrics.

"Deathcore" is also known for its extreme style. Bands like Suicide Silence and See You Next Tuesday, have mixed a number of genres, including, most notably, death metal and grindcore, but also have strong influences of hardcore and other types of metal, as well. Pig Vocals, or 'BREE' are commonly used in this style of music. BREE is commonly used to describe the pig squeals because that is the only decipherable word used in most deathcore acts.

List of Deathcore Bands

Agony Divine
Her Lovely Army(We Speak Texan)
All Shall Perish
Conducting From The Grave
Despised Icon
Sacrificial Lamb
Unleash the Fury
Mangled Carpenter
Bring Me The Horizon
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
The Knife Trade
The Red Death
Heaven Shall Burn
Six Feet Under
Something That Kills People
Job for a Cowboy
Suicide Silence

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