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Cult band

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A cult band is a term often used to describe a rock and roll band with a dedicated base of fans whose appreciation of the band goes beyond merely enjoying their music.

Some of these bands may also be, or may have been at one time, mainstream commercial successes (examples: Nirvana, the Grateful Dead, and The Doors).

Many other cult bands have not been commercially successful in the mainstream sense, but have acquired a strong, albeit small, fan base (examples: Captain Beefheart, X, Hawkwind, Atticus, and John's Children.)

Some cult bands may be known as one-hit wonders within the broader popular music scene, but have a following which appreciates all their music, not just their hit (examples: Bloodrock, Devo, and The Pursuit of Happiness.)

Cult bands often have a unique conception or musical style which has led to their cult status. It is this uniqueness which sets the band apart from others and which fans find attractive. This also has prevented some cult bands from achieving wider success, as some cult bands are known for experimentation or musical styles outside of mainstream tastes. Often, cult bands are no longer performing and recording, but continue to have a following. Indeed, the following today can be larger than when the band was still together.

Specific musical styles may also have a cult following of the entire subgenre, including ambient music, garage bands, grunge, heavy metal, new wave, progressive rock, psychedelic music, punk rock, ska, southern rock, techno, and surf music.

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